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Recent east China steel procurement price down 30-80 yuan

PubDate£º2012-9-21 14:50:22 ¡¾Print¡¿¡¾Close¡¿ ¡¾Top¡¿ Category: News

      According to Chinese goods and materials procurement monitoring data and the state information center statistics show that in late August 2012, east China steel procurement price due to the market demand change, steel price cut, excess capacity, supply and demand imbalances and national steady growth of the new policy boost after the beginning of autumn and the project and steel demand increasing pull factors such as cross influence, its price rise and drop mutual now, but the overall is still weak. 

     This monitoring shows, recently the east China area Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei, Nanchang, market wire prices 20-80 yuan (tons of price, the same below), Jinan market wire prices 30 yuan Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Hefei, market rising rebar 30-80 yuan, and Shanghai, Jinan market rebar prices but fell 10 to 30 yuan. Shanghai, Hangzhou hot rolled plate and cold rolled sheet prices 10 to 50 yuan Jinan, Nanchang medium plate down 20 to 50 yuan And Nanjing, Hefei medium plate prices are up by 10-20 yuan. Jinan, Nanchang, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, working Angle trough, etc. Section average price declines in the 30-90 yuan. Monitoring period, ¦Õ 6.5 general line and phi 12 mm average rebar respectively for 3690 yuan and 3820 yuan 3 mm hot rolled plate and 3 mm cold rolled sheet average respectively for 3790 yuan and 4900 yuan 20 mm general medium plate average price for 3710 yuan, in addition, 10 # I-steel, 5 # Angle and 8 # Channel steel average price is 4010 yuan respectively, 4000 yuan and 3950 yuan.  

      Through the analysis of the monitoring data to the above, we expect, east China steel market outlook for price or by state steady growth of new boost after the beginning of autumn and the project and steel demand increasing overall pulling, its price will fall will ease. Among them, the building materials and plate prices or there will be built around the bottom, the market gradually get better possibility.

PubDate£º2012-9-21 14:50:22 ¡¾Print¡¿¡¾Close¡¿ ¡¾Top¡¿ Category: News   
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